Why can’t we be friends?

My husband is currently attending business school at Harvard which has been a phenomenal experience for our entire family (we have 2 kids). Thinking back on the debate we were having on whether or not it was worth applying seems almost comical now. There is no end to the gushing fountain of experiences school has to offer. We were worried that it wouldn’t be worth our money, or that the 2 years out of the workplace would have unforeseen effects on his career. Being the supportive wife that I most of the time am, I was happy either way and tried to feel out on my own what was right for us. And like I mentioned 1.5 semesters down and we laugh at our pre-business-school-selves.


For us, you can not put a price tag on the depth and breadth of relationships we have created at school. People that, had we not been forced together in the microcosm that is business school, we would have never gotten so close. Because everyone’s address book is expanding by the second there is a unique openness and genuine interest in learning about peoples backgrounds and interests. I have yet to meet 2 people that are even similar. Everyone is so different, including us! Our mormon born, non-drinking, kid raising selves have found that there’s a place for our variety among the melting pot.

I have had more discussions about my faith and the beliefs of others then ever before in my life. Almost daily. And it is never with any strings attached. That is what I love about this atmosphere of education and enlightenment. While academia may seeIMG_2099m restrictive and close minded, especially when it comes to religion, the attitude everyone has of learning has been so evident in every conversation I have. “You wear weird underwear? Cool! I had a sex change!” “You are all about kids? Awesome. I’m not interested at all. ever.” You voted for Mitt? Sweet. I worked for Elizabeth Warren! Let’s be friends!”

I treasure this environment that business school as brought into our life. I know it’s not so simple in the “real world” but why not?

I’m a mormon and I’d love to tell you all about what I believe and why I do what I do. And I’m dying to learn about where you’ve been and what makes you tick. Can we be friends?

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