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Remember the Third Act

What I get out of this is that God doesn’t ?want? these bad people hurting his beloved children, but He respects his own laws–including the gift of agency. However, God is also just and by the end of the third act these people will have paid the reckoning for their actions (unless they’ve accessed the Atonement, in which case the Savior will have paid it for them). Continue reading

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Naturalistic Fallacies

How often do I justify my laziness in self-improvement and my resistance to institutional or societal change by saying that “I’m just like that and I don’t need to change myself” or “that’s just the way things are?” If I really believe that I, and others, have the ability to choose to overcome our natural tendencies, I need to be more pro-active in creating that change in myself and helping others to change. Continue reading

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Really, Hell?

“The only problem with “The Book of Mormon” [musical] is that its theme is not quite true. Vague, uplifting, nondoctrinal religiosity doesn’t actually last. The religions that grow, succor and motivate people to perform heroic acts of service are usually … Continue reading

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With God We Always Have the Freedom To Choose

The Egyptians have so much to be proud of this week. They have peacefully brought down a dictator and called for democracy.  I have been heartened by the protests and am hopeful that a stable democracy will emerge from this … Continue reading

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