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The Christus: Who is Christ to Us?

“That’s Jesus Christ!” my two-year old son exclaimed in an excited but reverent whisper. We stood together in awe amid the Christmas crowds at the Christus statue in Temple Square. My son wriggled against our arms during the audio presentation, … Continue reading

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Media Attention Misses the Heart of Mormonism

The plethora of articles I’ve been seeing on the web lately about Mormons are missing a very vital something.  They range from how Mormons try to keep the rules and stay cool, how we are leaving the church, our strangest … Continue reading

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Does God Exist?

When I look at the decisions I’ve made in my life, I can roughly classify them into three categories: No second-guessing decisions. These decisions I make and am confident I made the right choice. No-worries-but-lack-full-confidence decisions. These decisions I make … Continue reading

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God Bless America – 10th Anniversary of September 11th

Exactly ten years ago today, tragedy struck American soil early on the morning of September 11, 2001. Volumes of information and personal narrative have been written about this day and its effect upon the economic, political, and social landscape of … Continue reading

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Mormon Women and Careers

I recently read the business week article God’s MBAs: Why Mormon Missions Produce Leaders.  I think for the most part the article makes a great point about the preparation that a mission provides to business leaders and how it helps them … Continue reading

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Travel dreams and 365-days of Easter

I have in my bathroom, a travel wall. Once upon a time I wrote the names of far-off places I wanted to visit upon individual post-it notes and hung them where I could see them. (A goal not written is … Continue reading

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Processing General Conference

It’s that time of year again, when I watch a lot of church. Watching General Conference has its own share of joys and challenges. Just the cadences of the speakers floating into my apartment makes me feel peaceful. On Saturday, … Continue reading

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Missionary Work and Doubts

I actually did not serve a mission for the church.  Young men are expected to go while young women have the choice to go or not. I did not feel like it was the right thing for me. However, all … Continue reading

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Why I Believe | Anie

I have long struggled with my faith. I found things difficult to understand, didn’t want to accept changes I would have to make, and at the bottom line didn’t know if I felt worthy to believe in something so powerful. … Continue reading

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