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Readers, We Need Your Help

The musical The Book of Mormon has been touring all over the United States and has now spread to the UK. Recently the group putting on the musical in the UK contacted us. Mormons are even less well known in … Continue reading

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Olympic Musings

The Olympics are always a fascinating time. We watch men and women who have dedicated their lives to their sport giving their all for coveted prizes – an Olympic medal, a dream come true, national pride. I was interested to … Continue reading

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The Book of Mormon Musical — A Mormon’s Review

The Book of Mormon Musical. It’s true, I saw it. And I lived to tell about it. I have to admit, I was curious to see what all the hype was about. A Broadway musical about the Book of Mormon … Continue reading

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Crazy Nice Review

I kind of want to see it. After reading several reviews of the musical The Book of Mormon, I’ve become very curious. It depicts the adventures of two Mormon missionaries in Uganda. The main themes are trying to use your … Continue reading

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“Demonstrably changed for the good”

The Book of Mormon is coming to broadway! Well, sort of. The musical isn’t specifically about the story told in the book or its origins. It’s a satirical look at Mormons and organized religion in general involving a story about two missionaries in Uganda.*   In the … Continue reading

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Realism, Idealism, and . . . Religion?

This week we at Mormon Perspectives are commenting on the protests in Egypt. You might ask, as I did, how does an American Mormon have a different perspective on this issue than the average American? You’ll have to let me know in … Continue reading

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