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“Loyal, strong, and true, wear the white and blue”

My own personal experience living the honor code taught me a lot and helped me become a better person. First, I learned the benefit of following rules because I’d committed to them and not because somebody was around to enforce them. Continue reading

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Virgin Does Not Mean Passionless

I am also a single, female, virgin woman, age 30. I can understand much of what Ms. Hardy is describing. Sometimes I find this situation very difficult myself. I have felt sometimes at church like I am not an adult. … Continue reading

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Single, Male, Mormon, Sexy

In the New York Times article, “Single, Female, Mormon, Alone,” Nicole Hardy explains why she decided to willfully disobey the law of chastity, or in other words, why she decided to premeditatedly engage in extramarital sex. And when you boil … Continue reading

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Why I Wait

This week, the bloggers at Mormon Perspectives will be commenting on Single, Female, Mormon, Alone a recent New York Times article. I get the privilege of going first. The article deals with a young woman and her struggle with Mormon … Continue reading

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