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Home Away From Home

At nineteen years old, I was itching for adventure. (Weren’t we all?) I signed up for a summer program in London, and then—armed with a change of clothes, a stash of peanut butter bars, and plenty of pluck—I backpacked from … Continue reading

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Naturalistic Fallacies

How often do I justify my laziness in self-improvement and my resistance to institutional or societal change by saying that “I’m just like that and I don’t need to change myself” or “that’s just the way things are?” If I really believe that I, and others, have the ability to choose to overcome our natural tendencies, I need to be more pro-active in creating that change in myself and helping others to change. Continue reading

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Really, Hell?

“The only problem with “The Book of Mormon” [musical] is that its theme is not quite true. Vague, uplifting, nondoctrinal religiosity doesn’t actually last. The religions that grow, succor and motivate people to perform heroic acts of service are usually … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Matter Where They Came From

I don’t approach an election with a predetermined choice. I let my eyes, ears, and heart be open to all the possibilities; ponder and reflect upon the things that have been discussed; and finally, make a decision based on reason, … Continue reading

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With God We Always Have the Freedom To Choose

The Egyptians have so much to be proud of this week. They have peacefully brought down a dictator and called for democracy.  I have been heartened by the protests and am hopeful that a stable democracy will emerge from this … Continue reading

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