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To Express Sympathy: Mourning with Those that Mourn

Gratitude and peace swelled in my heart as I read through the many messages responding to my Facebook post about my daughter who was in the NICU for an unforeseen brain injury at birth. People’s cards and messages had a … Continue reading

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Finding Hope in Regret

By Tim Regret is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be; there is hope within regret. In fact, I propose that there are such things as Refined Regrets and Resolutions. The regret is the original feeling of … Continue reading

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Death Portrayed in Popular Media and Similarities/Differences with LDS Beliefs

As a child growing up and most of my adult life, the word death always terrified me because of its sad connotation. I was taught that when we die that was the end of it, but depending how you lived … Continue reading

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On Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! My favorite thoughts on love are found both in the New Testament (1 Cor. 13) and The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ (Moroni 7). In particular, this statement has resonated with me many times: … Continue reading

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Flash Reaction to Death – 90 Minutes and Counting

Until ninety minutes ago, my experience with death was somewhat limited. But my favorite person in the entire world died this afternoon. And now I have ninety minutes worth of emotions and thoughts and feelings about life and death and … Continue reading

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Joy in the Mourning

Should we ever be happy that somebody else is dead? Even when we feel that the life in question was taken in a just way or for a just cause, should we rejoice or mourn or do something in between? Continue reading

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Defying Death

I really appreciated MostlyAMartha’s post this week about wanting to think more about Easter. It has made me remember the holiday more and wonder how I can think of the atonement, death, and resurrection of the Savior more. Thinking about … Continue reading

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