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Tried and True: The Scientific Method

Any science experiment requires multiple trials in order to test the consistency of results. So shared BYU Chemistry Professor Jennifer B. Nielson at a BYU Devotional last month. When I heard her explain “experiment” this way and apply this definition … Continue reading

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Stronger Together

Faith, grace, love, prayer, strength. I’ve come to better understand these topics over the past year because of a dear friend. A friend who, in fact, is not of my Mormon faith. Her faith has strengthened mine, and I hope … Continue reading

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To Express Sympathy: Mourning with Those that Mourn

Gratitude and peace swelled in my heart as I read through the many messages responding to my Facebook post about my daughter who was in the NICU for an unforeseen brain injury at birth. People’s cards and messages had a … Continue reading

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Art Perspective: Michael Soelberg

These two paintings are a tribute to womanhood and motherhood. I have great respect and reverence for my wife. She is a light in the life of my children, but especially in my own life. In the first painting on … Continue reading

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When to Do All You Can and When to Stand Still

Being cheerful can open our hearts to stillness. But what does that mean to transition from cheerfully doing to standing still? How do you know when it’s time to step back and wait “with utmost assurance” for God to reveal … Continue reading

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Healing from Abuse

It is hard for me to blatantly admit this, but I am a victim of multiple kinds of abuse from multiple people. I don’t share this lightly or even for attention. I share this because I know how hard abuse … Continue reading

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Dear Boston, I Love You

Flies and old mattresses in Brighton—

Inauspicious beginnings.

You break and fix me.

Beautiful snow you come to hate

Until you learn the miracle of spring.

I came to terms with grief and depression.

No one can change my price. Continue reading

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Valentine Makeover

Whether in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day can make you feel forgotten, disappointed, filled with unreasonable expectations, or you might just find the whole thing ridiculous. As a way to help come to terms with these feelings, I propose … Continue reading

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Is God Infinite? Are We?

Recently I came across Simon Critchley’s opinion piece in the New York Times online, in which he disapproves of the current fad of saying “totally uninformed things about Mormonism.” I believe we need more articles like this. One point of … Continue reading

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How to Be Real with God

Editor’s Note: This post was written in response to a comment by Tim on the post The Book of Mormon Musical–A Mormon’s Review.  The text of the comment is reprinted below: I was raised in the church and have done … Continue reading

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