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To Express Sympathy: Mourning with Those that Mourn

Gratitude and peace swelled in my heart as I read through the many messages responding to my Facebook post about my daughter who was in the NICU for an unforeseen brain injury at birth. People’s cards and messages had a … Continue reading

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Helping Children Develop Faith in God

A year ago I attended a workshop on religious diversity. There were many different people there, such as Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, and even people who didn’t know what they believed or what to believe. At the beginning we were … Continue reading

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Why should I adopt my baby to someone else?

Watching the little boy I gave birth to go home with another family was certainly not easy. Many times I have been asked why I decided to give the baby to someone else. There isn’t one set reason I can give them. … Continue reading

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Valentine Makeover

Whether in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day can make you feel forgotten, disappointed, filled with unreasonable expectations, or you might just find the whole thing ridiculous. As a way to help come to terms with these feelings, I propose … Continue reading

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The Right to an Education

Going through my morning routine of getting a five-year-old ready for school and juggling my own preparations for work, I heard the words “Taliban” and “education” from the television as I passed through the kitchen but didn’t hear much more … Continue reading

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How to Be Real with God

Editor’s Note: This post was written in response to a comment by Tim on the post The Book of Mormon Musical–A Mormon’s Review.  The text of the comment is reprinted below: I was raised in the church and have done … Continue reading

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What is Unconditional Love Anyway?

The writer Simon May recently stated in Love: A History that love has replaced God in our increasingly secular society. He says we now look to love as a way to solve all the problems in society: “All we need … Continue reading

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What can the Mormon community do to make it better for homosexuals?

The idea for this post has been on my mind ever since Mostly a Martha’s post about the BYU Understanding Same-Gender Attraction group’s video. It has taken me some time to write as I am sure to either offend someone … Continue reading

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On Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! My favorite thoughts on love are found both in the New Testament (1 Cor. 13) and The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ (Moroni 7). In particular, this statement has resonated with me many times: … Continue reading

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I’ve had two very different examples of how people not of my faith interact with my church in the recent past. Two weeks ago we had an open house at my home ward (congregation) with the Quaker church across the … Continue reading

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