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Readers, We Need Your Help

The musical The Book of Mormon has been touring all over the United States and has now spread to the UK. Recently the group putting on the musical in the UK contacted us. Mormons are even less well known in … Continue reading

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Is God Infinite? Are We?

Recently I came across Simon Critchley’s opinion piece in the New York Times online, in which he disapproves of the current fad of saying “totally uninformed things about Mormonism.” I believe we need more articles like this. One point of … Continue reading

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Media Attention Misses the Heart of Mormonism

The plethora of articles I’ve been seeing on the web lately about Mormons are missing a very vital something.  They range from how Mormons try to keep the rules and stay cool, how we are leaving the church, our strangest … Continue reading

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The Ever-Present Face of Tragedy

I have had a hard time with the over-abundance of media articles on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. Don’t get me wrong; I thought it was awful at the time. I was in a printmaking class that morning, and someone … Continue reading

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Mormonism in the media

I’m not usually one to air my dirty laundry in public, but I have a confession:  I have probably one of the world’s worst media filters.  I will watch any TV show at least once.  I prided myself that through … Continue reading

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