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Easter is a Big Deal

For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), Easter is a big deal. After all, Christ’s atonement, death, and resurrection are central to the Church’s teachings. It is because of Christ that everyone will be resurrected, … Continue reading

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Stronger Together

Faith, grace, love, prayer, strength. I’ve come to better understand these topics over the past year because of a dear friend. A friend who, in fact, is not of my Mormon faith. Her faith has strengthened mine, and I hope … Continue reading

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The Christus: Who is Christ to Us?

“That’s Jesus Christ!” my two-year old son exclaimed in an excited but reverent whisper. We stood together in awe amid the Christmas crowds at the Christus statue in Temple Square. My son wriggled against our arms during the audio presentation, … Continue reading

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The Truth about Mormonism and Women

By Steve P. In speculating what Mitt Romney would do now that the election was over, a university professor commented to one of my Mormon friends that “Well, whatever Mitt and Ann decide to do, it will be up to … Continue reading

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Home Away From Home

At nineteen years old, I was itching for adventure. (Weren’t we all?) I signed up for a summer program in London, and then—armed with a change of clothes, a stash of peanut butter bars, and plenty of pluck—I backpacked from … Continue reading

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Upcoming Mormon Star Jabari Parker

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Media Attention Misses the Heart of Mormonism

The plethora of articles I’ve been seeing on the web lately about Mormons are missing a very vital something.  They range from how Mormons try to keep the rules and stay cool, how we are leaving the church, our strangest … Continue reading

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Brandon Flowers – Rockstar, Husband, Father & Mormon

In the last year, you may have seen videos, television commercials, or billboards of interesting people with interesting stories… who also happen to be Mormons. The latest in the series is Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the band The Killers. … Continue reading

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Once in a Mormon moment

I was bored in lab one day and as I waited for some experiment to finish I stumbled across this very peculiar idea of the “Mormon moment.”  I didn’t know what the heck it meant, but one week later I saw … Continue reading

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American Religion X

Disclaimer:  This is not actually based on the 1998 movie of similar name, nor does it really have anything to do with that movie or themes contained therein.  However, if narrating it in the smooth comforting voice of Edward Norton … Continue reading

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