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From the editors: We understand that there are many different opinions on whether women have enough visibility and authority in the LDS church. Please feel free to discuss your own views in the comment section below. This post is in … Continue reading

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Live from Mormon General Conference!

This week, the writers at Mormon Perspectives have been talking about and explaining (1, 2, and 3 times!) what General Conference is and why it’s important. If you’re interested in watching any of the sessions, the player below has been … Continue reading

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Processing General Conference

It’s that time of year again, when I watch a lot of church. Watching General Conference has its own share of joys and challenges. Just the cadences of the speakers floating into my apartment makes me feel peaceful. On Saturday, … Continue reading

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Ten Hours of Church? Ten Hours of Church!

If you know any Mormons, don’t count on seeing them at all this weekend. No, we are not such ravenous fans of the Final Four that we can’t even think of doing anything else the entire weekend, although some of … Continue reading

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Modern Moses

My friend’s comment helped remind me that next weekend I will hear modern-day scripture, as relevant to me today as Isaiah’s prophecies were to the Jews and Paul’s epistles were to the early Christians.
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