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When Big, Bad Things Happen

On Memorial Day weekend 2008 Annie, Ben, Jack (aged 3), and Lila (aged 3 1/2 months) left Brooklyn for a weekend trip to North Carolina, Ben’s hometown. They never came back. What happened isn’t quite as ominous as it sounds, … Continue reading

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Purpose and a Sense of Self Makes Us Happy

The scriptures are full of examples of people being cheerful because they understood their purpose. There is a beautiful story in the Book of Mormon about a group of people who are in poverty by material standards, but great in … Continue reading

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The shootings in Connecticut were a grim reminder that the world often lacks the peace that we seek. And in many cases, those who are most innocent and most deserving of that peace are the ones who are dealt heartache. … Continue reading

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Honor Thy Mother

I am not a mother (in the sense that I have yet to bear children), but I look forward with hope to the day I will be granted this honor. Mothers partner with their husbands and their God to create … Continue reading

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Media Attention Misses the Heart of Mormonism

The plethora of articles I’ve been seeing on the web lately about Mormons are missing a very vital something.  They range from how Mormons try to keep the rules and stay cool, how we are leaving the church, our strangest … Continue reading

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“You have your church”

While I wouldn’t say my life is completely easy, I do somewhat agree with the Uchtdorf’s friends. Being part of a church has given me a support system when I live far away from my own family. This support system hasn’t taken any of my trials away, but it has definitely helped lighten my load.
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Clayton Christensen: Businessman, Survivor, Mormon

Clayton Christensen. You either know the name or you don’t. (If you don’t, it’s time you did! And you read this article.*) You know, it’s not every day you’re in such close contact to the subject of the leading story … Continue reading

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