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Upcoming Mormon Star Jabari Parker

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Mission! What is it good for?

I think my mission president (the man who was in charge of me and 120 other missionaries in central Italy) summed it up the best during my final interview with him before going home. He told me that we go on full-time missions thinking that our service is all about the people we are trying to help, but in the end it’s really about us becoming better servants of God as we are refined by constant trials and presented with myriad “growth opportunities.” Continue reading

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C’mon man, Brandon Davies edition

So, I’ve waited on commenting on this story, but on the day of the MWC finals game between San Diego State and BYU I thought I’d try to get some thoughts down.  First of  all, I don’t believe a BYU … Continue reading

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Basketball, Rules, and Repentance

I heard about the Davies incident not long after I heard that the BYU basketball team was rated number 4.  This is about all I know about the team, which pretty accurately shows the extent of my sports knowledge. That … Continue reading

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“Loyal, strong, and true, wear the white and blue”

My own personal experience living the honor code taught me a lot and helped me become a better person. First, I learned the benefit of following rules because I’d committed to them and not because somebody was around to enforce them. Continue reading

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