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Tried and True: The Scientific Method

Any science experiment requires multiple trials in order to test the consistency of results. So shared BYU Chemistry Professor Jennifer B. Nielson at a BYU Devotional last month. When I heard her explain “experiment” this way and apply this definition … Continue reading

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The Christus: Who is Christ to Us?

“That’s Jesus Christ!” my two-year old son exclaimed in an excited but reverent whisper. We stood together in awe amid the Christmas crowds at the Christus statue in Temple Square. My son wriggled against our arms during the audio presentation, … Continue reading

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Home Away From Home

At nineteen years old, I was itching for adventure. (Weren’t we all?) I signed up for a summer program in London, and then—armed with a change of clothes, a stash of peanut butter bars, and plenty of pluck—I backpacked from … Continue reading

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Brandon Flowers – Rockstar, Husband, Father & Mormon

In the last year, you may have seen videos, television commercials, or billboards of interesting people with interesting stories… who also happen to be Mormons. The latest in the series is Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the band The Killers. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Modern Pioneers

Sunday was Pioneer Day in Utah, a holiday that commemorates the pioneers, many of them immigrants, who converted to Mormonism and then traveled across the plains to arrive in Utah and build up the Mormon church there. I’ve actually never … Continue reading

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Travel dreams and 365-days of Easter

I have in my bathroom, a travel wall. Once upon a time I wrote the names of far-off places I wanted to visit upon individual post-it notes and hung them where I could see them. (A goal not written is … Continue reading

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Why I Believe | AB

I was twelve.  My family had momentarily left my hometown for a one year sabbatical.  I was chubby, shy, and a new girl.  I remember lying in my bed one night feeling low.  I prayed to God for help to … Continue reading

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Would I be Mormon if…?

Would I be a Mormon if my parents hadn’t raised me as a Mormon? Without my parents to take me to church every week as a child, would I go to church today? If my parents hadn’t set an example … Continue reading

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